Dorm Essentials : Starter Pack

As a hosteler many of you might have enjoyed your college life and many might still be in that phase currently. The late night study session before exams, hostel room birthday parties and who can forget the placement celebrations. Although having had all the fun a typical hosteler still finds himself stranded and craves home when it comes to things like cooking, laundry and even self grooming at times seems like a humongous task. Needless to say that almost every hosteler is left wanting a little more and thus craves home. However a few devices can help you even though they might not satiate the home craving but still make you feel a lot like home.

  1. Electric Kettle : This little electronic appliance is quickly become the favorite of every hosteler. Available in filament and induction heated variants they serve as the most versatile cooking appliance. From making tea/coffee to boiling eggs,chicken and potatoes to cooking up your favorite instant noodles it helps serve almost all your hunger tantrums. The best part is that most of the kettles available in the market work on 240V supply and are easy to store as they need only a small fraction of your study table. It thus is a must have for every hosteler or dormer. Needless mentioning the fact that these electric kettles are available in a super pocket friendly budget ranging anywhere from 600-1500 rupees.

  2. Induction Cooktop : While it might be considered as a luxury product for a hostel room, someone living as a paying guest might see it as an essential. Induction cooktops virtually serve all the purposes of a gas burner in lesser space. All you require is a power socket. Plug in and get cooking from staple like rice and lentils to feasts like butter chicken and all sorts of breads be it roti, paratha or even naan you can have the proper home cooked meal whenever you wish. It takes up a quarter of a table for space and accompanied with all the necessary induction utensils it accounts for something around 4000-5000 rupees.

  3. Electric Trimmer : In the busy life of a student the day often passes by unnoticed and by the time one gets free of his daily duties there is no time left to do anything. How often has it happened that you’ve even forgotten to get a shave for next day’s presentation and only realized it in the middle of the night. An electric trimmer can come in handy during such a crisis. It serves the purpose of shaving and trimming equally well. In the price range of 800-1200 it is a product worth every penny and fits pretty well in your pocket too.