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  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine; 7 kg capacity
  • 2 years warranty
  • Gravity drum, cascade waterfall effect, digital control panel
  • Detergent mixer, twirl tech pulsator, dry tap protection
  • Tub clean, free soak, delay start, self shut

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Introducing the new Godrej eon glitz washing machine with best in class features and alluring looks, this washing machine is a perfect blend of style as well as technology.
Gravity Drum
The unique drum contour design ensures effective and efficient cloth movement inside the tub which leads to a four way wash and also provides a better scrubbing action. The gravity drum design is highly effective for dirt removal and consistent wash performance
Cascade Waterfall Effect
The new Godrej Eon Glitz Washing Machine comes with a unique washing action called the Cascade Effect. This acts like a waterfall which flows from both sides of the drum. The dirty water flows out as fresh water gushes in to take its place.
Digital Control Panel
The ergonomically designed inclined digital control panel lets the user seamlessly manage all operations of the machine with ease and lets the user keep a check on the status of the wash even from a distance.
Detergent Mixer
The Detergent Mixer with its inbuilt aqua-flow contours ensures uniform mixing of the detergent and leads to effective detergent utilisation. A uniform mixed and filtered water-detergent mix is then sent into the wash tub which gives a more effective wash and prevents detergent smudging on the clothes.
Aqua Jet Pulsator
The Aqua Jet Pulsator has a well-crafted, superior design. It?s forceful nature ensures that all the dirt and tough stains are removed. The Pulsator has a 360 degree motion and a 180 degree anti-clockwise motion which helps detangle and scrub your clothes.
Dry Tap Protection
This feature leads the machine to hibernate if the water flow ceases during the filling process. If the water level fails to rise for 15 minutes, the machine warns you with the help of flickering LEDs. You may then choose to manually fill water in the drum. The Dry Tap Protection feature also prevents the water inlet valve from burning out. Thus, it is aware and self-protecting in nature.
Tub Clean
It?s a self cleaning mechanism built in to the machine in which the machine runs itself to remove any residue left from the previous washes, hence keeps it clean. Free soak automatically adds a soak of 30 mins to the current cycle and simultaneously updates the remaining time.
Delay Start
The delay start feature allows the user to set a delay in starting operation by upto 23 hours. This allow the wash take place even in your absence.
Your Godrej Eon Glitz Washing Machine automatically switches off when the wash is over. It helps save water and electricity. It is perfect to cut costs and help the environment. Auto Shut strives to meet your thoughtful needs.
Save Settings
It allows you to save your most preferred wash cycle. The Save Settings feature helps you save precious time when you are too busy to overlook the functions of your machine. The machine is adept enough to complete the whole washing cycle without any supervision.
Schott Glass Window
After taking the evolving trends and customer insights into consideration, we partnered with renowned German glass manufacturers Schott, to manufacture a wide and curved toughened glass for the new Godrej Eon Glitz Washing Machine. The curvature adds to the machines affluent look and offers you with an option, as opposed to the commonly available flat toughened glass.
10 Program Levels
Godrej Eon Glitz Washing Machines with DAC Technology comes with 10 Programe Levels – Fuzzy, Daily Wash, Gentle, Sari, Jeans, Strong, Wool, Favourite, Quick Wash, Blanket. You have the option of choosing a wash program, which is best suited for the kind of fabric used.
Smart Rinse
This feature lets you add water during your wash cycles, which helps you remove as much detergent as possible. Smart Rinse is specially designed for baby apparel and for people with sensitive skin.
Soak Selector
This feature provides intensive care for your clothes, specially the heavily soiled clothes. The nine available options allow you to select the ideal soaking option for your wash.
Godrej Eon Glitz Washing Machines are always working towards simplifying your experience. The fuzzy logic feature uses the washing machine?s microcomputer to determine the wash cycle and the water level according to the size and quality of your load. It lets you wash, rinse and spin-dry at the touch of a button.
DAC Technology
The Dynamic Aqua Power Control Technology automatically puts the washing machine in sleep mode, at the first detection of a water/ power cut. And it automatically starts to wash once the supply is efficient, enabling you to set your machine even when there is no water/ power supply!
Auto Balance System
This system stops the washing machine if it senses any imbalance in the wash load. It then automatically stabilises the load evenly across the drum and resumes washing. The Auto Balance system prevents the wear and tear of your clothes.

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